Kanosan’s KITCHEN is located upper left of the inner of circle shape Yamanote line(JR).
The closest train station to Kanosan’s KITCHEN is Edogawabashi of Yurakucho Line (Tokyo metro) and Waseda of Tozai Line (Tokyo metro).
The major stations on Yurakucho line are Ikebukuro and Toyosu. It is convenient for persons who visited Toyosu market.
The duration between Toyosu and Edogawabashi is 20 minutes. The duration between Ikebukuro and Edogawabashi is 6 minutes.
The major stations on Tozai line are Takadanobaba and Iidabashi.
The duration between Takadanobaba and Waseda is 2 minutes. The duration between Iidabashi and Waseda is 4 minutes.

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The below is a detailed map around Kanosan’s KITCHEN.
When using Edogawabashi, get the ground level from Exit 1b. Then continue to go west bound.
When using Waseda, get the ground level from Exit 1. Then turn left and again turn left at the first traffic light.
After passing thru a zebra crossing, you will find another zebra crossing. Turn right not passing thru the 2nd zebra crossing.
It takes 6 minutes from Edogawabashi to Kanosan’s KITCHEN. It takes 8 minutes from Waseda to Kanosan’s KITCHEN.

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The below is the further detailed map. Kanosan’s KITCHEN is located at the 3rd floor of the small old building named “Shimbri building”.
Open the glass door indicated by thick yellow arrow in the picture and get up stairs. Sorry but no elevetor.
Press a bell button in the middle of the door.
If you want to use Google map, enter keywords “Kanosans KITCHEN”.
This facility is registered on Google map and you may see comments which were left by former visiters. You may add your comment and/or upload picture data. I am happy if you have time to do that.

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The below is the information about public bus (Toei).
Bus stop 1: Sekiguchi Icchome. It takes you to Takadanobaba sta.(JR)
Bus stop 2: Tsurumakicho. Bus numbered 69 takes you to Okachimachi sta.(JR)
Bus stop 3: Toritsu Shinjuku Yamabukikoukou-mae. Bus numbered 61 takes you to Mejiro sta.(JR)
Bus stop 4: Toritsu Ahinjuku Yamabukikoukou-mae. Bus numbered 61 takes you to Shinjuku sta.(JR)

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